Pink Floyd - Hey You


Posted on Feb 13

Hey You ” is a song by Pink Floyd . It appears on The Wall album (1979) . It starts the second disc of the double album . This song, along with “ The Show Must Go On ”, was edited out of the film for fear on the part of the filmmakers that the film was running too long.

This is one of the most mysterious songs on The Wall. It seems to be about the longing for human interaction. The phrase “Hey You” implies calling out to someone (for example, “Hey you over there”). Following that phrase in every verse is a person in some sort of desperate or pathetic scenario. Most of these scenarios are pretty general but some are specific, for example, “You out beyond the wall breaking bottles in the hall,” which gives the impression of a rebellious teenager, or “You standing in the road always doing what you’re told,” which gives the impression of someone who is very timid and indecisive.

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